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Permaculture Kids Club

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Halloween Fun day with Grow Wild at Common Growth October 2012

Noticing and celebrating the  changes in Autumn, scavenger hunt, mulching, storytelling, singing and cookery and planting demos and delicious home-made soup!

herbs for picking and adding to croutons

Common Growth transient choir

Cooking demo with Grow Wild’s Louise

Special Event!   Saturday 15th September 2012

11 til 4pm Edible Open Gardens
Build a Herb Spiral with Suriya and Ruth
at Goldsmiths Community Centre

Can you see what it is yet?

Sunday 30th September 2012

Come and have a closer look at seeds…. what they do, where they go!  Have a go a transient art and then sow your work!

some things like the rain

Water session 29th July  -not a wash out!

our finishing touches

still a bit chunky

rolling out the new paper

using a deckle and sponge

Our recycled Papermaking workshop on

24th June 2012

27th May 2012  

Make a cruelty free butterfly display for the Chelsea Fringe

Plant a butterfly garden and more!


soaking up the rain in April workshop

Not a bug or a bee, but a slimy slug! (He won’t be attending the workshop on Sunday)

scrutinizing the soil in March (Observe and Interact)

May Kids Club on butterflies and caterpillars

Observing and interacting

when are the bees coming?

Produce no Waste! Reusing Tetrapaks

Observe and Interact!

Obtaining a Yield  at the Easter Treasure Hunt


3 responses to “Permaculture Kids Club

  1. Sarah cannon says:

    Looks fabulous. Is the forest school session open to everyone? Could we just turn up? HOping someone might drop me an email about it. Would love to have contact for nathalie.


  2. […] Wild and Permaculture Kids Club enjoyed hosting a Halloween Fun day for families at Common Growth Community Garden on Sandbourne […]

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